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The best places to go walking in Wales

Submitted by artavia.seo

Are you planning your holiday to Wales? Good for you. It is one of the best spots to visit in all of England. The area is home to some of the nature's finest beauty. You will honestly be surprised at how breathtaking everything is. To help ensure you get the most out of Wale's beauty, consider the following:

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The History of Gwent County,Wales

 by: Ram Singh

Gwent came into existence as a preserved county since 2003. Its history dates back to Bronze, Iron Age and Roman era. It used to be the area of Dark Age Welsh kingdom and was sprawled between the rivers Wye, Usk and Seven estuaries. It basically came into existence when Romans abandoned Britain and the Roman Silures started ruling it. It followed their culture and their Iron Age territories.

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Go Mountain Biking in Wales

 by: PassportToAdventure

Join Julie Conover and Mark Jennings on a mountain bike ride over the hills in Wales in the United Kingdom.

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10 Things to Do In Wales on a Family Holiday

 by: Orson Johnson

Wales is a splendid scenic holiday location with mountains, lakes and heritage castles. Here are some options to make the most of your Welsh vacation.

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